Kevin Poorman

ISV Technical Evangelist

Kevin has been working with the Salesforce1 platform since 2008. He’s helped fortune 500 companies succeed on the Salesforce Platform. Kevin is also a three year MVP. Active in the community, Kevin can also blogs at You can follow him on Twitter @codefriar. You can heckle him on the Salesforce developer forums. Or, if you choose, you can correct his syntax on Salesforce stack overflow. Additionally, you can pester him in the #salesforce IRC channel. Kevin authored the ngForce, Custom Related Lists, and Promise libraries. These can all live on github. In 2015 Kevin joined and disappeared into the Marketing Cloud underground. As a Sr. Customer Success Architect he helped marketers succeed at mobile push. Recently Kevin accepted a new position as a Technical Architect with the ISV team. You might run into Kevin at user groups, conferences and Dreamforce. He’ll likely be speaking on mobile development, Apex or Continuous Integration.


August 3, 2017
Promises – easy chainable, reusable and retry-able Async code
Parsons Room
9:00 AM  -  9:40 AM