How Will We Continue Working with Limited Resources

July 13, 2022 from 2:30 pm to 3:20 pm

Speaker: Bhanudas Tanaka

This came about during a TDX conversation with Melissa Hansen – would love to speak at this yearʻs Forcelandia on any topic that you see fit. But this came to me. Itʻs a discussion about the convergence of three things in our eco system –

1) Continued development/improvements of declarative tools, reducing the need for code.

2) Our ecosystems continued dependence on seasoned APEX developers and how we bridge this gap.

3) Salesforce Functions, LWC and other technologies that can widen our need for devs by building new solutions with non APEX languages.

How will these three points affect our futures as customers and partners and how Iʻve been working in Hawaii with our apprentice program to mentor, train and build out ecosystem. Thereʻs a lot in here and happy to refine as we get closer – but itʻs timely and a nice blend of strategy, tech, resources and mentorship/apprenticeship.

Bhanudas Tanaka