A Case For Human Stack Architecture & Implementation

July 14, 2022 from 10:00 am to 10:50 am

Speaker: Tim Lockie

Imagine a solution that will finally close the loop so that the GL is integrated with the ERP and CRM and how happy accountants will be because their work will be so much easier! But the fear, anxiety, and suspicion of Chris in Accounting is causing widespread system failure. How do technologists respond when humans cause technology failure? With CX, UX, HX, Xcetra… it’s time to address the real issue. No amount of “better tech” is going to improve things that aren’t tech issues. We can’t HX our way past fear.

This conversation is about structural value of a Human Stack where we take the design and development principals used to develop technology and use them to evolve the humans. This session focuses on the parity between the stacks and makes a case for developers to decipher solutions that integrate the Human Stack and Tech Stack. Participants should bring curiosity and expect engaging content, humor, and light cussing.

Tim Lockie