XML and JSON for Total Beginners

July 31, 2019
4:20  -  5:00
Jordan Room

If you’ve used the Salesforce Data Loader, you’ve used CSV files. You know … spreadsheets so simple you can open them with a text editor instead of Excel. Not everything in your Salesforce org is spreadsheet-shaped. Like your org’s setup. You can download, edit, and upload text files representing your org’s configuration too — but these files are very different from the CSVs you’re used to.

Demystify the XML and JSON file formats: learn to read them at a glance and how they’re used to solve problems in Salesforce, Pardot, and MarketingCloud. Even if you never write them, a bit of familiarity can make you a better solutions architect and give you a peek into your devs’ world for better collaboration and faster brainstorming. Now that’s admineloping!

Session Category :  Admineloper