Salesforce Technical Architect

August 8, 2018
12:30  -  13:30
Parsons Room

Now-a-days, this seems to be one of the hottest and most demanded jobs in America, along with Salesforce Sr. Developer, where annual salaries can be as high as $160k (according to the latest surveys, being a hiring Manager and have interviewed hundreds of candidates). In this session, I will help you prepare for your next interview, as well as show a path towards becoming a very
strong Salesforce Technical Architect candidate (or how to move into this role if you are currently a Sr. Developer).

The current Salesforce Market is dry and there is a constant need for Salesforce Technical Architects, this need is pushing companies to hire candidates that are not necessarily ready for this role, putting candidates in very bad situations, at the same time, some other candidates who are very close to this role are missing a great opportunity for success.

Session Category :  General Sessions