One Process To Rule Them All

July 31, 2019
4:20  -  5:00
Parsons Room

One process to rule them all, one process to find them, one process to bring them all and in the invocation bind them. As a best practice Salesforce now recommends restricting your org to one record-change process per object, and if need be invoking flows or sub-processes. This is great because it allows us to see all the criteria that are evaluated each time records are updated, consolidate actions to avoid hitting limits, and determine the order of operations. Truly a tool of great power. But what if you want to deactivate just one criteria node? Invokable processes/flows could be used elsewhere, you may only have actions associated with your process criteria node that you do not want to delete, or you may want to deactivate certain processes just for a subset of users. In this session you’ll learn how to manage process criteria nodes using Custom Metadata Types (pending summer 19 availability), Custom Settings, and Custom Permissions. No harrowing trip to Mount Doom required.

Session Category :  Admineloper