Maximize your Apex Performance with Platform Cache

August 8, 2018
14:40  -  15:20
Jordan Room

Do you have processes that are expensive and take time to calculate but don’t change that often? Do you frequently need to access certain data sets in the system and spend time waiting for it all to be queried? Come learn about the capabilities of the Salesforce Platform Cache to vastly improve the performance of your code. Understand the benefits and limitations of this lesser known functionality and how you can get started today!

I want to walk through what the Platform Cache is, use cases, how to configure it and access it, and lastly how to use the CacheBuilder interface to let Salesforce do some of the work for you. We have a table with millions of records that used to take 3-5 seconds to query that we’ve reduced to 100 ms, a 30X improvement! Based on the Trailhead module Platform Cache Basics.

Session Category :  Developer  General Sessions