Hands-on with VSCode + SFDX

August 1, 2019
9:00  -  10:30
Jordan Room

Whether you’ve been meaning to get going with VSCode for ages, or you’re not sure why you should, this session will get you up and running in VSCode with SFDX tooling and show you how much more efficient you can be with the right tools.  In addition to making sure you have the baseline tools installed, we’ll go over the development models you can use with SFDX, recommended extensions, and the Apex Replay Debugger.  To guide us through these steps we’ll be pulling the Lightning Web Component Recipes app and pushing it into a Scratch Org with SFDX.

To help us get up-and-running quickly, it’s recommended that you come with a fresh Trailhead Playground Environment with Devhub enabled and if possible, VSCode and the Salesforce Command Line tool installed.  If you get stuck, we’ll have helpers on hand to trouble-shoot, but please note we may not be able to resolve every potential conflict on every machine/OS.

Session Category :  Developer