Building a Better House: (Re)Architecting an Existing Org

August 1, 2019
1:30  -  2:10

When it comes to talking about architecture and possibly rearchitecting, there are two parts to consider:

1) the metadata and having standards in place for consistency and understanding.
2) business process modeling, data modeling, and keeping it up-to-date

Furthermore, the concept of the above two changes depending on what type of growth phase your company is in. I would want to specify, broadly speaking, three types of company growth phases and how being in any one of them changes how you approach architecting/re-architecting.

1 – Start-up phase. This is getting SF up and running sans many third-party integrations and minimal coding. We identify coding needs as we progress and this includes frameworks for triggers, process automation around objects (code vs no code vs a hybrid)

2 – high growth phase. This is the fun part! We are ever-changing, ever evolving, and we want to put mechanisms in place to clean up old architecture, get rid of unused fields, consolidate our triggers, move critical objects to code-only, how to identify data pipelines across various third-party systems, and create definitional clarity around developer and administrative concepts.

3 – maintenance growth phase. Slower developer cycle, identifying where things will break, rigorous focus on testing, tech debt maintenance or removal, etc. This is a more deliberate phase and not so wild-wild west as phase 1 and 2.

I want to talk about each of the above business phases and their associated approaches to building a better system and offer some insight, from the business side, of how to make developer lives easier during this and include them in the integral work of making a better environment to work and play in.

This by no means covers this vast topic but would of interest to people who are in phase 1 and 2 primarily (where developer resources, from my experience, are scarce and we talk about the admin/developer or admin + 1 developer who also does other stuff). I am willing to take this talk in any direction!

Session Category :  General Sessions